Your Pizza Finder tool is now ready!

Today marks a big milestone for @profdrpizza: the launch of the profdrpizza.com website! When I started with this account in August 2018, I would have never thought that it would go beyond just casually recording my pizza experiences on Instagram. I had no community at that time and I didn’t mind at all, because I was posting just for my own entertainment and for keeping the memories. But then the pizza lovers in Hong Kong and beyond started picking it up little by little, and I’ve been receiving more and more questions and requests over the years. This is the reason why I built this new service!


The most frequent questions I get from my followers on Instagram revolve around “the best pizza”: Where can I eat the best pizza? Where can I find a good pizza for a cheap price? What’s the best pizzeria in Central? Of course I’m always happy to share my recommendations and I never leave any request unanswered. However, since the number of requests has grown quite a bit, I thought that it might be helpful for pizza lovers in Hong Kong (and beyond) to have a tool where they can easily search among my entire collection of reviews.


The heart of this website is the Pizza Finder page: it gives you the option to filter for criteria such as pizza score, price, region and my “worth it” judgement. You can also search for specific neighborhoods. This makes it very easy to answer questions like…

Which pizzas cost less than 100 HKD but achieved a score of 9-10?

Which pizzas in Central are totally worth their high price?

What are the best pizzas on the Kowloon side?

What places are overpriced considering their pizza quality?

The results are sorted by date, showing the most recent reviews at the top. Please note that older reviews might not necessarily reflect the current situation anymore. If I gave a certain opinion about a restaurant several years ago, it doesn’t mean that things have changed for the better or worse in the meantime. I do my best to revisit as many pizzerias as possible and post updated reviews. Also, keep in mind that some of the restaurants I reviewed in the past have permanently closed already. Please do your own research on whether a place is still in business or not.


Besides the Pizza Finder, this website also features a full overview of the Prof. Dr. Pizza Awards. You can find out more about the different award categories, past winners, as well as an all-time ranking for all winners and nominees. On the About the Prof page you can learn a bit more about me and the factors I take into consideration when rating pizzas. In the Thoughts & Updates section I might occasionally post some random observations and experiences that don’t find space in my Instagram stories.


I am excited to launch this new service for the Prof. Dr. Pizza community today and I hope it will be useful in our fight for better pizza quality! If you have any feedback, ideas or questions, you can always reach out to me via the Contact page. Thank you all for this great journey!