2021 Winners

Best Newcomer 2021


I have mentioned it a couple of times throughout this year: 2021 has been INCREDIBLE in terms of pizza quality standards. The main reason for this positive development are all the awesome new pizza places that opened up. The newcomer group was already strong last year (with places like La Camionetta, Babacio and The […]

Best Taste 2021


In my opinion this is a very important category, because what does it mean to have a nice restaurant, friendly staff, good prices and nice-looking food if the food itself does not taste great? This holds true for pizzerias as well, and I am happy to say that I had the privilege to try many super tasty pizzas in 2022. The choice was not […]

Best Looks 2021


Definitely one of the most subjective award categories and therefore the most difficult to decide. All 5 nominees were very close and even a poll among the members of this community showed a pretty balanced result. It’s true when people say that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, but still, we found a very worthy winner! […]

Best Value 2021

The Pizza Project

I can imagine there are people out there for whom this is the most relevant category, because not everybody is willing to pay 200 HKD or more for a pizza in HK, even if the price is justified and the pizza is awesome. So luckily we have places like these five nominees here that serve very nice pizza at super friendly price points. […]

Best Toppings 2021

Capo SYP

It’s still kind of a debate what is more important when it comes to pizza: the dough or the toppings? There are various ways to argue here, but I think we all agree that high-quality toppings can elevate the entire perception of a pie multiple-fold! If a restaurant sources authentic products, it doesn’t only make the pizza look […]

Best Dough 2021


Everybody has his or her own mix of criteria of what is important when it comes to “great pizza”, and I have admit that I probably pay an overproportional attention to the dough and crust. I still remember what @luigi_drinks once told me a few years ago: you can top the pizza with anything (except for too soggy […]

"So Special" Award 2021

Mother of Pizzas

One of my favorite award categories for sure! Even though I am a pizza traditionalist and I will always go back to the classic Neapolitan Margherita, I can’t deny my excitement for new, creative, out-of-the-box creations that cannot be found on too many menus. However, being creative is one thing […]

"People's Choice" Award 2021


Every year I have hundreds of interactions with my follower base, I get inputs, feedbacks, suggestions and all types of positive and negative experience reports. Each year I also ask the community about their favorite pizza places, and then I process and aggregate the responses to declare the winner for this category. So […]

Best Pizza 2021


This is where it all comes together! The main category, the most prestigeous award that I can offer! As I always say: making a great pizza is both a science and an art. It takes a combination of many factors to make the perfect and fully balanced pie. It’s where it all counts: the taste, the looks, the topping qualities, the […]