2020 Winners

Best Newcomer 2020

La Camionetta

This is where it all comes together! The main category, the most prestigeous award that I can offer! As I always say: making a great pizza is both a science and an art. It takes a combination of many factors to make the perfect and fully balanced pie. It’s where it all counts: the taste, the looks, the topping qualities, the […]

Best Taste 2020


How do we all define “good taste”? And isn’t it something very subjective, depending on one’s own… well, taste? Some say it’s the quality of the ingredients that makes the taste good. Others say it’s the unhealthy ingredients that improve the taste. I don’t go for such definitions. For me this category is very simple to […]

Best Looks 2020

208 Duecento Otto

Beauty iies in the eye of the beholder, doesn’t it? This also applies to pizza, however, I am convinced that there is some common ground where everybody would agree that one pie looks great and the other one horrible. To break it down to the essence: a pizza should always be seen as a piece of art and therefore […}

Best Value 2020

The Pizza Project

We all want to get value for our money, and there is nothing more frustrating than overpaying for a product that doesn’t live up to the expectations. On the opposite end, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting high quality food at a decent price. I wish all the good restaurants the best possible profit, but […]

Best Toppings 2020

Capo Panificio

For some type of toppings it is very difficult to get a competitive edge, but for some others it makes a huge difference whether they come in good or bad quality. These important type of toppings are for example the cheese that is used, the quality of the meats (be it salami, parma, prosciutto or any other cut) and […]

Best Dough 2020


In my personal opinion, this is one of the most important and “prestigeous” categories. If I opened my own pizza shop, it would be my first priority to create and cook the perfect dough. I am very open-minded when it comes to pizza toppings and creations, but when it comes to the dough I have a relatively strong […]

"So Special" Award 2020


Quite frankly, this is one of my favorite categories as it rewards courage and creativity! As mentioned many times before, every pizza needs to respect its origins with a proper dough and authentic & high-quality toppings. However, when it comes to adding special twists and creating different variations (again, by […]


"People's Choice" Award 2020

The Pizza Project

And so The Pizza Project (“TPP”) snatches their 2nd Prof. Dr. Pizza award this year! This one has been decided solely by my follower base. Throughout the past weeks, during the award announcement and nomination period, I received lots and lots of votes, comments and inputs from all of you. Most of them went¬†[…]

Best Pizza 2020

208 Duecento Otto

Those of you who have carefully followed the announcements of the nominees and winners in the previous categories might have noticed that “208 Duecento Otto” appeared in a majority of them: top 5 for Best Taste, Best Toppings, Best Dough, as well as the winner for Best Looks. Their pizza “Diavola” was […]